President of Jonah Film Entertainment

Actress, Producer

She began her career as a musical actress in Hungary. After playing a few leading roles in musical performances, (Kiss me Kate! Stowaway, Miss Susy) at the age of 22 she continued her studies in London and in Los Angeles in New York Film Academy to become Screen actress.

She got the role of Natasha in the american-canadian TV series Painkiller Jane (2007). Thenceforth played in popular Hungarian TV series In the Line of Fire (2009), Életképek (2009) Hacktion (2013). Thanks to her mediterranean appearance is often invited to play Italian, Spanish roles, Captain Alatriste (2013) Chi pensa a me? (2014).

She was offered the role of Christine Wiegel in the American-French-English- Belgian co-production The Man with the Iron Heart (2017) in which she played the lover of Reinhard Heydrich, starred by Jason Clarke.

She was invited to Avignon to one of the biggest theatrical festivals in the world to play the leading role in french language in the drama of Matei Visniec “Du sexe de la femme comme champ de bataille” (2015) where the performance was nominated for the prize of Tournesol.

Owing to her french success, she established the film company Jona Films Paris later on Jonah Film Entertainment (2017).

She made her debut as a producer in the short movie Les Recherches Continuent 2018. The film – was shot in Paris and in which she played the female leading role – received the main prize of Bujtor Istvan Film Festival in Hungary (2018) after that the film was presented in West Los Angeles and North Hollywood as well. For her acting in the film she received the Best Actress Prize by Sweden Film Awards (2020).

In 2019 at Cannes Film Festival, as actress she represented the beautiful collection of the world famous Israeli fashion designer Michal Negrin.

“Le Collier” / “The Necklace” french-hungarian co-production was also shooted in Paris, of which she was the protagonist and producer (2020). The film received the Best Cinematography, the Best Director Award – Peter Halmi and the Special Jury Prize in India, Bollywood (2020).

In 2022 the movie won the Best Experimental Film category at the Cannes Independent Film Festival (CIFF).

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